Saturday, April 27, 2013


I want you all to know this. Today I was at the society of illustrators in nyc for a talk with daniel fishel, john bartlett, rich tu etc. It was discussing the first years after graduating. It was a great talk and I especially had a good time talking to Tuesday and Rich. After talking for a bit Rich gived me his card and I give him an old one. He asks if the links are all current and I say yes. As I say this I realize mins later "wait... no they aren't! I have to up date them. Speedwalking like Oprah on speed I rush to the train station. "MUST UPDATE MUST UPDATE" were all the could be heard in my brain. After getting to the train and sitting down with a second to think, I realize that I could transfer pieces from my tumblr on to here. So hopefully Rich Tu is reading this, finds it hysterical and hires me. Or he scrolled passed the whole thing and he'll never read this. Either way it seems like one of those stories illustrators have. This is up there with my Sterling Hundley

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