Thursday, April 26, 2012

New pieces and sketches for my final

So this first one is the final for part 1 of my target marketing project in Illustration Methods with Mark Tocchet. I'm doing film production or concept art and wanted to do a retelling of Logan's Run. Want to read the book, saw the movie but I pretty much rewrote the whole story in a 3 page summary. I loved it :)

Part 1 is towards the end of the movie where Logan and Jessica run from Francis (in my story he is a robot/A.I. It shows the inside of a destroyed building while showing the city and dome they came from in the distance.

The rest are sketches for part 2, which is inside the dome at the beginning of the movie where Francis and Logan are friends. I learned a lot about lighting in theres two pictures. A lot of fun.

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