Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Book cover and concept art!

This piece was for my illustration methods class. We had to pick a classic book and do a cover in our style, communicate the mood of the book and do it in a contemporary way. I love Paradise Lost. The epic story telling, the numerous themes and various character developmental aspects are some of the best I've ever read. This is what writing should be. For me, Lucifer is who I connect with the most (bring on the devil self portrait jokes now). Hubris, the idea that he is in fact equal to or greater than a god, the thought that he is so rebellious, arrogant, deluded, determined is not only relatable to me at least but some of the qualities in a sense could be admirable. The fact that he is humanized is great. So for the cover I decided to give him a determined stare right to the view. To have him locked in right with you, so that you know he is infinitely pissed and wants revenge. Subtly was the key in this piece. I have to make correction after todays crit but I will surely share the revamped finish next week.

This guy, this was originally going to be a piece where a child was being baited by a zebra doll so that this creature could eat him. My teacher thought of having the striping being ripped off instead. I liked it so ran with the idea and then elevated it a bit. As I was adding texture and flavor to this guy I questioned myself "Why is he stealing the stripes? What purpose could he have for them?" The answer?: He wants to be a zebra. If you look at the top he is WEARING THEM! Stealing the stripes so he can be a zebra, thats all he wants. He's like a alien furry... oh god.... furries. 

More updates on the way. I have concept art that will be worked on in the next month and a half and some skateboard designs. Maybe even some design work like poster designs. All on the way!

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