Sunday, June 5, 2011


Im finished with the Ashley Wood Painting as far as I can take it myself... nah I can still give it another go! The figure feels weird to me. Like hes not grounded, hes just copy and pasted there. So I think I should wait till it dries and then take another crack at the structure, color and maybe the lighting on him.

And now, I have started Headdresses No. 5 and 6. Hopefully this week I will be also shooting 7 and 8. Can't Wait. I have at least 4 shows i'm looking to do this summer so it should be good :) Hopefully I can sell and get rid of a lot of stuff this summer. Its too much. I have at least 30 framed and unframed pieces in my garages, 5 in my room and i think one or two in the living room. Its nuts. anyway, heres my headdresses so far

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