Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Long time no post

So this semester has been very hectic. I tried to stay on top of assignments and the blog but its been rough. Kind of over extended myself this year but its ok, its working out fine now. So here is what has been going on the last month:
1. I am getting a piece published through my internship this or next month (the succubus piece!!!)
2. I am working on a 5-6 page horror comic with some friends that ideally will be published in the fall
3. working on 15-20 headdress pieces, i did 4 so far and one sold for $300!!!!  (need models for that!!)
4. working on 12 erotic pieces for an art show in the fall (need models for that still!)
5. working on my anatomy studies still this summer (still need nude, implied models for that!)
6. trying to do some plein air paintings
7. independent studies with an illustrator dave rankin

So here's some of the other stuff I was working on this spring. They are from anatomy and pictorial. Nothing from type though. Enjoy

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