Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ashley wood Tribute

So I started on this tribute to one of my favorite illustrators/painters, Ashley Wood. Many in the gaming, illustration and comic world know of his work but few outside of that, which is a damn shame. I know my family viewed is erotic nudes as controversial or disturbing (but they tend to be like the Brady bunch) but those and his robot wars pieces are INCREDIBLE. His mark making- gorgeous. Compositions- simple and dynamic. Concepts- truly inventive and at times clever. It looks so effortless but underneath it all is years and years of experience with the paint. I love his tributes to Frazetta (which I may do after this tribute) and how he is influenced by the late fantasy art god. His color schemes are very much monochromatic generally burnt umber, white and maybe a black. Again, very simple, economical style where less is more. So I am doing a tribute to him :)

Thats his.

This is the version I'm doing. Its just the underpainting so I'll work on it more saturday and sunday.

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