Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ok everyone (all 8 of you) I have been so so busy this semester. In addition to my anatomy, pictorial foundation and typography work  I have been hard at work trying to work on images for my headdress series, pieces for an erotic blog that my friend is making and also an erotic art show that I may go to in the fall, and pieces for publication this summer through my internship and for a possible children's book that I'm working on (I think... still). Ass of right now, the next month and a half will involve me working on the following pieces:

Pictorial Foundation- three scifi fashion headdress oil paintings, ballet painting, robot painting
Anatomy- Self portraits and other oil pieces
Large Scale Projection: Possibly 3 more headdresses, done digitally
Internship: Succubus piece (references shot so far), action piece and Koni 2392 a.d piece
Erotic Art: Aphrodite as a whore (references shot), God handing adam the dildo
Children's Book illustration: 10 spot illustrations

this is going to be fun... i think? right? HELL YEA!

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