Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Succubus piece

This is a drawing I did of my friend Camille in a similar style as Joe Benitez. I really love how he draws women (despite the anatomical mess about them, however they are still very sexy). I am digitally inking it tonight and then I will start coloring. Eventually it will be her with these big jamaican spider legs behind her in the shadows. Should be done with it this week

And these are the sketches i'm using for my headdress pieces (in oil I might add)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Ok everyone (all 8 of you) I have been so so busy this semester. In addition to my anatomy, pictorial foundation and typography work  I have been hard at work trying to work on images for my headdress series, pieces for an erotic blog that my friend is making and also an erotic art show that I may go to in the fall, and pieces for publication this summer through my internship and for a possible children's book that I'm working on (I think... still). Ass of right now, the next month and a half will involve me working on the following pieces:

Pictorial Foundation- three scifi fashion headdress oil paintings, ballet painting, robot painting
Anatomy- Self portraits and other oil pieces
Large Scale Projection: Possibly 3 more headdresses, done digitally
Internship: Succubus piece (references shot so far), action piece and Koni 2392 a.d piece
Erotic Art: Aphrodite as a whore (references shot), God handing adam the dildo
Children's Book illustration: 10 spot illustrations

this is going to be fun... i think? right? HELL YEA!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Finished my experimental piece AND finished a piece for my first official series

Yay :)

Ok, so basically I have been wanted to make a one man show for the last year or two that I can show at the art gallery I went to. It would be a great achievement for me at least. So this is the first series I'm doing. I'm calling it "Derezzed". I'm starting these traditionally and ending them digitally or vice versa. All are going to be a pretty decent size. Anywhere from 16x20-20x30. Should be fun.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

finished the card!

first illustration for the rough sketch book is done. Dex had the idea of making the original illustration into a postcard from Hawaii. I have ideas for several other illustrations, all very different from this one. Hopefully I get to shoot reference today. Sound good? I think so :P

This is a self portrait I did yesterday. Its ok

And this is a painting I started bade on Degas. Started! Yes. Can't wait to finish it.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dance Dance Dance

beginning of my ballerina painting :)  Its based on Degas