Saturday, January 15, 2011

No internet for a few days sucks!

I hate my internet... i really really do. For to reasons: 1. The times that I do have it I am distracted with Facebook, modelmayhem, email, twatter, porn jheogulsjhglfximhxfngd,figh and i can't get out of the webhead mentality. When it is finally taken away I go through withdraw "turn it back on!!!! It hurts so baaaaad1!!!" cold sweats suck. 2. The times that I actually use it for constructive purposes, reference photos, emailing teachers, this blog.... it doesn't work. Enter cold sweats.

So to cope I was working on this painting of the big bad wolf for class next week. I forsaw it as a spaceship or cruiser in the sky chasing after a red freighter ("little red"). My teacher luckily loved the idea and wanted to see sketches so I finally was able to email him them and worked on some final rouhs yesterday. Take a look.

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