Tuesday, January 25, 2011

working on the witch

So i was at my internship at rough sketch studios... AWESOME. Thats all i can say. 9 hours of drawing whilst talking about video games, movies, comics and women. This place is friggin heaven. So this is what i did today after about 9 hours.

Monday, January 24, 2011

doing a ballerina painting


This is the painting i'm doing for my class. But im replacing them all with alt models lol. Then end. im too tired to type more. Good night!!!!

doll painting

so im working on a 20x30 painting of a doll. Its a marient doll that has been cut from its trings but now looking back is realizing that captivity with her owner is missed and may have been better. S&M? lol

Been working a lot...

Ok so I'm going to do seperate entries today for three seperat projects I'm working on the next few weeks. This one is for the big bad wolf and wicked witch paintings i am doing for my pictorial foundation class. Basically our task was to come up with our own unconventional portrayal of these two epic characters. Both images have to be formatted the same and be linked somehow. You saw perhaps my last blog with the space ships. Although I and my teacher both loved it, finding a counterpart in the witch to go along with the wolf battle cruiser was pretty impossible. It would either be redundant or a weak linkage that attempted to justify the first idea. And they should both be strong pieces on their own and together. So back to the drawing board, I showed Steve, head of Rough Sketch studio my ideas and sketches and one of his interpretations go to me. I really liked the angle and played off of that. Eventually I got to this idea of a wolf like buldozer chasing after little red in a factory/dump environment. Heres the sketches that led up to it:

 This is where i started thinking of the witch too. i tried various approaches; empathizing, horrific, comical and just an object. I wanted the viewer to identify with the wolf who doesnt want to feed on red ridinghood and with the witch who is failing to avenge her sister. I even thought of them as chinese watercolor landscapes. I thought of beautiful mountains having trash filled ones. Thats when I came to the bulldozer wolf idea.

 But I couldn't think of a way to make the witch a machine. Thanks to my good friend Rhiannon, who suggested a ruby mining device of some sort, I found a GIANT digger and used that as a basis.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

No internet for a few days sucks!

I hate my internet... i really really do. For to reasons: 1. The times that I do have it I am distracted with Facebook, modelmayhem, email, twatter, porn jheogulsjhglfximhxfngd,figh and i can't get out of the webhead mentality. When it is finally taken away I go through withdraw "turn it back on!!!! It hurts so baaaaad1!!!" cold sweats suck. 2. The times that I actually use it for constructive purposes, reference photos, emailing teachers, this blog.... it doesn't work. Enter cold sweats.

So to cope I was working on this painting of the big bad wolf for class next week. I forsaw it as a spaceship or cruiser in the sky chasing after a red freighter ("little red"). My teacher luckily loved the idea and wanted to see sketches so I finally was able to email him them and worked on some final rouhs yesterday. Take a look.

Friday, January 7, 2011

How I get a Likeness video

This is for Samantha. Shes having problems with likenesses so I figured I'd help her out :)