Friday, December 31, 2010

Long time no post

OK, well after several days of holidays, no internet, a busy work schedule and a break up; I am now BACK!! :D   (please, hold all appalause till the end)

Now, I have been working on amny things lately. Here are the pics to prove it.

So I've been boning up on my anatomy by taking these dvd courses called "Structure of Man" By Riven Phoenix. Let me tell you, these are amazing tools to learn anatomy, even if its just a refresher course. And once I start watching them I'm hooked and watching them till 11pm-2am at night. They are that good. 

And this is a logo design I just finished for my best friend/colleague Mr. Victor Rodriguez of Studio 206 (of which I am also a part of). He commisioned me to do the redesign of his logo (below) and the grundgy cube is my attempt. Hopefully he likes it but I have some more tricks up my sleave if he does Wahahahahaha

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