Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time/Motion portrait

This is my movie for time/motion class. Its a digital portrait of how i see my friend Ginny. Theres a hidden meaning behind it :P       movie

Basically, there are three elements to keep in mind: color, music, features. The colors are all warm colors, yellows, pinks and reds and some compliments of blue and orange with whites and blacks. The music is the a simple piano riff i came up with for this movie. The music is soft, but changes tempo at points, changes intensity of notes etc. This gives a soft loving quality but also gives these nervous spots. Finally the features. I wanted to point of key things that i love about her. Her smile, eyes, here qwirky facial expressions, the hand movements she makes when she talks. Sadly i couldnt convey our humor when we joke around and the depth of our conversations, which i regret. Im sure you guessed what the meaning is at this point lol. I really hope she likes it. I really care about her a lot but I want her to know that that fact makes me nervous. Thanks to Ginny for the footage and letting me shoot her. It was a lot of fun.

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