Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Comic book concept art

These are concept sketches for a comic book my friend and I are working on. It's for these creatures that are imagined by this villian but are made physically real temporarily. There are some creates but the one I loved the most was the horse with a gate way to hell on its back. I love the biblical, epic scale of it. I am still working on that painting and will paint more tomorrow, promise!

Monday, May 24, 2010

More with the Painting

So i blocked in the colors so far. No shadows or highlights. I am going to lighten the colors though too.

Friday, May 21, 2010


After a week from school and a week of relaxation, I am back! Painting and drawing again with my new concept- "Kids Having Kids"

This is a painting that makes a social statement regarding the pathetic and degrading nature of our youth. Kids today can reproduce as young as 8 or 10 years old. Apparently some states, like South Carolina, have their age of consent set at 13 years old. Ever notice how that show on MTV called "16 and Pregnant" always has southerns on the show? Its because they are legally able to have those kids. However, that doesn't mean they SHOULD  be having them. So I am doing this painting as an extreme look at where our society is going as a whole.

(Before anyone tries to dispute and say that historically and in other cultures marriage and pregnancies have occured at this age, bowever, historically the opportunities in life were limited and with the 21st century there are whole new spectrums of experiences in life that are cutoff perhaps permanently as soon as you have a kid. I also think that our generation should be more responsible and have more foresight with our lives and continuing generations, especially with this great intelligence and technology that we pride ourselves on.)

Anyway, the painting shows a young girl, about 5 years old, who is in fact pregnant. This is an exaggeration of todays kids. She is holding a bear who's belly is a repeated shape of the girl. Also, the picture in the background shows an unhappy child with a single parent, the mom. This is to show where, in my experiences, the broken home background falls into play with the girls choice. Her smiling now alludes to her thinking it will complete that void left by her father and make her happy. There are blocks in the background also that spell BAD GIRL. The style is cartoony, but with the serious subject matter it creates a disturbing effect which I feel is necessary.

Heres the sketches. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Highlight drawings from this year

So these are some of my better drawings from this year. Most of them however are from the spring semester. At the bottom is the painting I turned in for my 2d design final. I do plan to still work on it though!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time/Motion portrait

This is my movie for time/motion class. Its a digital portrait of how i see my friend Ginny. Theres a hidden meaning behind it :P       movie

Basically, there are three elements to keep in mind: color, music, features. The colors are all warm colors, yellows, pinks and reds and some compliments of blue and orange with whites and blacks. The music is the a simple piano riff i came up with for this movie. The music is soft, but changes tempo at points, changes intensity of notes etc. This gives a soft loving quality but also gives these nervous spots. Finally the features. I wanted to point of key things that i love about her. Her smile, eyes, here qwirky facial expressions, the hand movements she makes when she talks. Sadly i couldnt convey our humor when we joke around and the depth of our conversations, which i regret. Im sure you guessed what the meaning is at this point lol. I really hope she likes it. I really care about her a lot but I want her to know that that fact makes me nervous. Thanks to Ginny for the footage and letting me shoot her. It was a lot of fun.