Monday, April 26, 2010

Self Identity Piece

Well its crazy now with Uarts finals coming up, and then end of the year. THE FINAL STRETCH. So I was working on sketches for my 2D project. We got it a week ago and its been boggling my mind. It can be a video, painted, drawing, sculpted whatever we want. So open ended. thats a good thing and a bad thing. So I finally came up with a design.

This is the color sketch for my 2D piece. It was done in oil pastel but I also carved and drew into it with a pencil. Obviously it is a kid writing with a nuclear bomb going off. It's meant to represent maturity and the regret or fear of it. The boy is myself as a kid, wrting "maturita' "(maturity in Italian) on parchment, eating a quince (the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge... i'm reconsidering using an apple), a snake (reinforcing the forbidden fruit aspect and slithering toward the nuclear bomb and maturity), and the mushroom cloud is a 20th symbol that in a lot of ways represents fear and a maturity in the global political system.

I know, a lot of symbolism. I'm going to do this in oil paints and in a style similar to Velazquez... i hope

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